Learn About ROR Property Management

ROR Property Management is a property management company that was originally founded in 2010. Although the company was founded for property management in 2010, Schneider Homes worked in the construction of single family properties and multifamily properties since 1976. The experience of working in real estate and construction allows the professionals at ROR Property Management to provide the tools and information local residents require when moving to the Seattle area.

The reason Schneider Homes founded ROR Property Management was to manage the properties owned and operated by the company. Heidi Berge, the property manager, supervises and manages the properties under the direction of Gerald Schneider, which allows our team the opportunity to focus on the needs of our tenants.

Our dedicated staff members recognize the importance of effective management, so we take the needs of our tenants seriously. We have six multi-family properties with multiple units available for rent throughout the Seattle, Washington area. We work directly in the city as well as in the surrounding suburbs and areas.